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The best team in the entire blockchain world!!!

Our organization is growing and changing, gathering steam all the time. We have worked hard to put together goals, events and materials that will showcase what our group can do but also the value of this technology and what it can do for personal, business and government interactions, increasing security and privacy. We are dedicated to our number one mission, education.

Take a minute to check in with our team, say hi and see what blockchain can do for you and your organization!!!

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Want to educate others?

As an educator, developer and consultant, Dan Neal has worked on many different projects, web and otherwise over the past 20 years. A focus on technology has been the primary goal and with the emergence of blockchain, a vision was born. More...

Rebecca White, C.P.M. is a Strategic Sourcing Lead working in the nuclear energy sector. Her previous work experience includes the fields of power generation as well as the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Laura Taylor, is no stranger to the blockchain world. A core member of the DigiByte Awareness team for over a year. Her role as an outreach officer and volunteer coordinator is focused as on meetups and conferences.

Our partners who are working with us on our foundation and it's endeavors